Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hive Creative Challenge - Heeeeere Chickie Chickie!

You can find me HERE!
Would you believe this little guy took a whole day of sculpting, painting, polishing and photographing!? Me either, but I love how it turned out; more on the way!


tj said...

...Too cute! Great job!:o)


Catch A Falling Star said...'s adorable!
I love it!

Lance said...

Thank you both!

yoborobo said...

He (she?) is so cute! The first one takes longer, I think. Now you can be a chicken manufacturer! Wait, that sounded wrong... :) Pam

Lance said...

LOL Pam, you are hilarious! But I think you are right. I should be able to crank them out now.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Just adorable Lance!

Lance said...

Thanks Laurie!

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Lance,

How ya been? Your little chicky is adorable. Can't wait to see more. Have a great day!


HUNBUN 22 said...

OMG! love him!
How sweet!
Stop on by my blog or join in and take a peek at my pine cone chicks..i am so glad i stopped by and joined