Thursday, June 5, 2008

High School Nostalgia

Maybe somebody can inform me as to what this is called. All I know is that I learned to make something similar in my high school art class. Basically you:

1. begin by drawing a simple picture of what you want (remember to keep it simple)
2. outline your drawing with elmers glue and let it dry. Repeat.
3. the picture is now covered with a piece of foil. Smooth the foil over the glue line so the picture is accentuated.
4. paint the foil (preferably with ink but I used acrylics)
5. give it a light sanding and your picture will show up.

So has anyone heard of this or did my art teacher just make it up. Either way, they're fun to make and they make great ACEOs or ATCs.


~dani~ said...

Hey come peek at my blog post today and see if you are up for the trade?

~dani~ said...

you are not too late. You are in!

Lance said...

woo hoo, thanks!!

saffron said...

I've never done this. But at my son's school one of our artists, in an art program I'm part of, did a version of this project.

Your sculptures are so awesome!