Sunday, April 5, 2009

Almost Forgot...

I am honored to have been given an award by one of my favorite artists, Laurie Hardin of Monkey-Cats Studio. Thanks Laurie!

Seven of my favorite things-

1. My wife (always wanted to say that)

2. Sculpting (obviously)

3. Traveling

4. Going to the Movie Theater (I'm a movie junkie)

5. The Crescent Hotel (and Ghost Hunting)

6. Writing and Story telling

7. Photography
And now for seven worthy recipients:


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Your sculptures are among my favorites. Thanks for the award Lance!!

Mica said...

Lance, Thank you for the award !!! How sweet of you to think of me as well. I wanted you to know I LOVE your newest piece. If I had the money I would snatch it up real quick !!!!! He is soooo cool !!! Well Thanks again and I think that is so great that you can now call your wife ( WIFE ). Congrats on your recent marriage. The honeymoon looks way fun !!! Hugs, Mica

Jackie said...

Thanks Lance, and your new piece is so darn clever!!Love it! Have a great day :D Jackie

Hilary said...

Hey Lance!
haha well...heres another award! I nominated you this morning to receive one :)
Hope you can stop by!

Phillane E'lee said...

Hello Lance,
I am sorry sweetie I couldn't pop in here and tell you Thank you. My P.C. crashed! Thank you so very much. So very sweet of you to think of me.
May you be blessed. Love your new piece by the way. Awesome imagination as always.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Love that you put your wife first!!! You're a sweetie!

Happy Hoppy Easter!