Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abandoned Dinosaur Park

It's been a while since I've posted anything about my artwork, but my brain has been in a creative overdrive lately. Lots of new artwork coming soon, I promise!
Meanwhile, I want to share with you another stop on our Arkansas journey. Maybe some of you remember this place.

While driving through the northwest hills of Arkansas, Steph and I noticed a sign, still advertising a dinosaur park, abandoned several years ago. It's interesting how many of the now abandoned roadside attractions are still advertised by "ghost signs." It's like they continued to hold out hope that someday they would reopen.

When I was no more than five or six years old, my parents took my brother and I to this park. In fact I think my dad posed for a photo with the above dino.

My parents also have a photo of my brother and I by the green T-Rex below.

Check out the Elizabethtown dvd cover on the right.

In the bottom right corner of the box, you can see Orlando Bloom standing near the T-Rex

If I ever find the old photos, I'll post them for those interested.

I wish I could have entered the park and taken more pictures of these comical beasts, but i didn't want to get griped out for trespassing.

I would hate to tarnish my fond memories of Dinosaur world.

I do have a few more photos on Flickr. Click here to see them!

And one last photo. This is the second largest statue of Jesus in the world, next to the one in Rio De Janeiro. It was sculpted by one of the same guys who created many of the aforementioned dinosaurs. I think his name was Emmit Sullivan. His sculptures are dotted all across the Arkansas landscape.

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yoborobo said...

Those dinosaurs are so cool. :) I bet you loved them as a little guy. Can you imagine making those? Yowza. What an interesting guy he must have been. :)