Monday, March 22, 2010

Ghost Hunting at the Crescent Hotel

When It comes to ghosts, one could call me an open minded skeptic. Maybe they exist, maybe not. I'd like to think they do but have not been convinced one way or another.
Anyway, you can bet I'll be snapping random shots with my fingers crossed every time I visit a supposedly haunted place like the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. If any place in the country has a right to be haunted, it's this one.

You may have heard of "Orbs." Most will dismiss them as specks of dust, but I like to weigh the evidence. On my very first shot in the hotel I saw this "orb:"

Just above the black ledge you'll notice a little white spot. Could be just dust, BUT I've never gotten this in places that are not thought to be haunted. Also, out of curiosity, I took a few shots from outside of the hotel and got this:

This was the only outdoor shot with an orb. I can understand the indoor orbs being dismissed as dust, but not this one. Also, it was a clear night, so it couldn't have been mist.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did see one undeniable ghost. Are you ready for it? ............................................

Oh, sorry. That's just the cat's water dish. The hotel has two cat residents who are allowed inside and out of the hotel lobby. Here's their exit:

And here is one of the cats...

.......sitting where these upstanding folks once posed for a photo:

And here's Steph and I standing in front of the Crystal dining room, where we had a delicious breakfast.


Sue said...

Thanks for the report Lance - sounds like an interesting hotel and the pic I find the creepiest is the one of that long hallway. Now - I would expect to see orbs in that pic.


yoborobo said...

That long hallway is SPOOKY! I expected to see two sisters standing at the end - haha! I would love to visit that hotel. You guys look so happy in the breakfast pic - congrats on the anniversary. :) Pam

Sonia ;) said...

How exciting....Do ya stay up super late and look for the ghosts? I would be LOL..

Looks like alot of the kitty door.


Chicken Lips said...

Creepy place! If that was dust on your lens, it would show as a black spec - not white. Those have just got to be ghosts! OOOOHHHHHHHH!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

I can feel the creepiness! So cool Lance!! That is a total trip!!