Sunday, September 5, 2010

If Creativity is a Car, Music is the Fuel

The question is, what kind of fuel are you using?

I mentioned earlier at the STJ group that I can't seem to get my creative wheels rolling, and a friend suggested listening to some music as a remedy. At this, I decided to fire up the old CD player and get to work. Problem solved.

Here are a few choices that never fail to inspire:

This is easily one of my favorite soundtracks. It's almost impossible to listen to it without feeling the need to create something.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis are two of my favorite composers. This is a moody, yet whimsical and inspiring score. It's great to pop this one in on a crisp autumn day.

Also composed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. This is a dark movie with hints of light, and the music is a perfect reflection. At times this one can be down right creepy, great for spooky inspiration!

Needs no explanation.

My favorite Christmas album, by my favorite band, Jars of Clay. This is one of the most original sounding Christmas albums you will hear, and for me it was an instant classic. If I'm sculpting Christmas, I am likely listing to this CD.

In a nutshell, soundtracks are very inspiring.

So what music inspires you?


Sue said...

Lance, I also find that music will inspire/motivate me. You've listed a couple here that I am not familiar with (i.e. The Dark Road) - will have to check them out.

Happy Holiday!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

All great choices. I love Coroline . have you read Neverwhere? and I just saw The Road Awesome reminds me of living in the mid west in winter!!!

Thespa said...

Oh my gosh! The Road just about killed me to watch. Being a parent it was excruciating. But an interesting film with good music. And you can never go wrong with Burton inspiration. Thanks for sharing.